We are an investment firm based in London

We invest in growing businesses based in Western Europe, with a particular focus on the UK and Benelux markets.

We are sector-agnostic, with the flexibility to seek value in any market sector, and we look at each business individually based on its merit. Industries where we have significant experience include healthcare, general manufacturing, financial services, aerospace, branded retail, chemicals, building products and TMT.

We invest in businesses where our capital and support enable management teams to grow through strategic and operational change. We are happy to support growth with continued capital, advice and partnership throughout the lifetime of an investment.

We seek to acquire majority equity stakes in the companies in which we invest, although we have the flexibility to take minority positions and to invest across the capital structure, including in debt and debt-like instruments.

Our flexibility is aided by the nature of our capital, with our only investors being Bregal Investments – a family-backed investment firm – and our team members. This allows us to adapt our investment horizon to the specific needs and value creation potential of each portfolio company.

We believe that it makes sense from both ethical and business perspectives to operate our firm in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible way, and emphasise these principles across all areas of our operations. Our approach to these matters is set out in more detail below.

Our charitable giving programme

We believe that we should contribute to the communities in which we live and work. To this end, we have established a charitable giving programme to support local charities in and around the areas where we are active.

In setting up this charitable programme, our main objectives are:

  1. To support financially, and through appropriate volunteer work, a handful of charities in our core markets
  2. To encourage our partners and employees to participate in the governance and activities of our programme

In this way, our hope is that our charitable programme can help create a meaningful and enduring legacy for targeted causes.

Our ESG Policy

Bregal Freshstream is backed by a family that has been in business since 1841. Our investor structure enables us to commit to creating long-term value, by building resilient companies ready to face the challenges of the future.

Our business is to invest in good companies and cooperate with strong management teams to make them even better.

We try to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into all our investment processes. We do this in order to enter into more meaningful conversations about the long term future of the companies we invest in, both within our team, to optimise our (ESG adjusted) return on risk, as well as externally, with management teams and with our financial sponsors.

We are convinced that that ESG can be a driver of strategy, and managing it properly will enhance our return on risk. We exclusively select good companies with environmentally and socially sound operations. Compliance with laws and regulations is an absolute minimum requirement. We exclude investment in weapons, pornography, tobacco, life termination and gambling and generally avoid investing in fossil fuels, nuclear energy, intensive farming, and industries making use of animal testing.

We encourage the companies we invest in to map their own direct impact, as well as the indirect impact of their extended supply chains, to uncover the sustainability issues that are specifically relevant to each business. We actively seek dialogue to set environmental and social goals with our portfolio company management teams.

We believe that environmentally and socially resilient companies:
1. Offer products and services that are truly valuable and safe;
2. If applicable, use materials and production processes that are fair and safe;
3. Do not use materials that are toxic, non-degradable or non-recyclable;
4. Use renewable energy in their extended supply chains;
5. Use modular designs that are easy to deconstruct, with a limited number of parts; and
6. Have accurate risk management and reporting systems on their sustainability process.

Bregal Freshstream will support improvement in these areas. To that end, all of our portfolio companies regularly review their ESG priorities, status and plans. This way, we are able to monitor progress and raise ESG awareness within our portfolio companies. At the same time, this approach offers opportunities to share best practices and experience.

Furthermore, we practice what we preach. Although our direct footprint as a small investment firm is limited, we measure and mitigate our impact. We try to limit the energy use in our offices and substitute flights by video conferences whenever we can. We also purchase carbon offsets to the extent that we are not able to reduce our carbon footprint through other means.

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