Our values

When we established Bregal Freshstream, it was important to us to build a strong culture around a set of values that meant something to us individually and as a firm. These are the principles that underpin everything we do as a team and with counterparties with whom we interact.


Trust is at the core of our investing strategy. In seeking to engage with sellers on a bilateral basis, a relationship of trust is crucial. We do what we say we will do. Trust is at the core of our relationships as colleagues and as people.


We act with integrity at all times, with all people and in all situations. We can be demanding of others, but in exchange we will hold ourselves to the same standards and we will be thoughtful, passionate and demanding of ourselves.


We act with empathy towards one another and with everyone who has a stake in our business. We listen and we care. We look to find a solution that is optimal and fair to all stakeholders.


Although we believe that our strategy and approach distinguishes us from others, we realise that we are ultimately one capital provider among many. We are not entitled to succeed. We must prove the value of our approach in every interaction.


We are respectful of each other and our stakeholders. We encourage respectful dialogue, openness and transparency. We seek to ensure that we maintain the dignity of everyone with whom we interact.

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