Our points of difference

We know that no firm is unique and we do not pretend that we are. All investment funds are, at their core, providers of capital.

Here are the foundations on which our business is built, so you can judge if our way of working could be right for you:


We value trust above all. Trust comes from all parties delivering on their promises. We work in this way with each other and with you. This is not just an ethical view; it is good business. Our philosophy is to be transparent with the people with whom we engage, and from this create enduring and mutually productive relationships.

You’ll always know what’s going on.

Efficient processes

Our strategy is simple. We want to do business with people who share the same philosophy as ourselves, who are looking for fair, efficient processes based on mutual trust. We primarily engage with sellers interested in bilateral transactions, who have clear expectations and who want confidential, transparent and deliverable processes.

We can make things happen quickly.

Fast and fair decisions

We are a small, experienced and focused team without the inclination (or the time) to engage in protracted processes. We are straightforward, rapid and efficient in our decisions. We are not in the game of bidding high at the outset of a transaction, only to subsequently reduce our valuation. We present our views on valuation early and in good faith, and in the absence of unexpected findings adhere to these views thereafter.

You’ll always know where you stand.

Strong stewardship

Our investment capital comes from a single family, via Bregal Investments, that has been in business since 1841. This heritage provides us with an insight into the value a family vendor attaches to their business and guides us in our stewardship of our portfolio companies. It also gives us significant flexibility as to capital allocation and the length of time we hold an investment.

We respect where you’ve come from and are providers of patient capital for those who wish to continue their journey of growth with us.

We do things when the time is right.

Support for growth

We will work in conjunction with our management teams to achieve the full growth potential of each business. We will support you strategically, operationally and financially and through our network of professional relationships. In particular, we actively support businesses in pursuing a buy and build strategy and/or international expansion.

We work in partnership with you.

Conservative approach to leverage

Our attitude towards leverage is consistent with our commitment to act as responsible owners of our portfolio companies, and with our mutual focus on growth.

We use debt conservatively and in a way compatible with supporting long-term value creation.

We never overburden a business with debt.

Comfortable with complexity

We are comfortable with and actively seek out complexity, whether arising from industry, market or regulatory dynamics, a company’s ownership or capital structure or otherwise.

We make the difficult, possible.

If our approach appeals to you, please contact us to explore how we can work together.

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